Wondering Where Your Favorite Summer Veggies Are?

While most of us think of rain as a good thing for farmers, the recent torrential downpours and flash floods were not so great. Such strong rain caused damage to heavier crops (summer squash, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes) that have been growing for the past weeks or months, ultimately delaying harvest for many of our farmers.

In the next month you can expect to see: Special Variety Heirloom Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Spring Beans, Sweet Peppers, Dried Bulb Onions, and other fun stuff!

We are so encouraged by your ongoing commitment to eating locally and seasonally, even when that means your favorite summer veggies are delayed.

Heads Up! 4th of July Schedule

During 4th of July week, Wednesday deliveries will be moved to Tuesday. The schedule will be as follows:

New Stuff this Week

  • Introducing: Buffalo Creek Berry Farm from Lexington, GA! They’re providing the local blueberries this week, so get ready!
  • Signal Mt. is sending us pickling cucumbers. Use them as you would normal cukes, or pull out your favorite pickle recipe and some mason jars.
  • Georgia-grown bi-color corn is in, just in time for grilling season.
  • Eggplant Medley is coming from both Woodland Gardens and the FH garden.

A quick look at this week’s harvest! Find more in the shop.

Rodgers’ Greens and Roots | Radicchio, Red Radishes, Kale, Fennel

Signal Mt. Farm | Crookneck SquashPickling Cucumbers

Fresh Harvest Garden | Eggplant MedleySorrelRoselle

Big Branch Valley | Cucumbers, Celery, Rainbow Beets

Buffalo Creek Berry Farm | Blueberries

Woodland Gardens | Eggplant Medley

Canewater Farm | New Potato Medley