Meal Prep Methods: The Stocked Staples Strategy

You may be familiar with Chelsea if you’ve made any her recently featured recipes. Chelsea “accidentally” became a food blogger about 5 years ago. While a lot of her blog’s focus revolves around meals, storage and organization, she doesn’t spend as much time planning as you’d expect.

“I tend to lean away from traditional meal planning because I don’t know what I’m going to want at any given moment, and I would hate to eat something just because I had previously decided I was going to eat something.”

Sounds like a dream, right? Read how she does it!

Come back next week for the Community Builder Strategy!

Bon appétit!

Meal Ideas from this Week’s Veggies

  • This is the last week of the pork tenderloin and chicken breast specials! Stock your staples and take advantage!
  • Double the sauce on these maple balsamic medallions, and use the other half for a veggie stir fry!
  • Slice a few chicken breasts into strips and cook them with this Fall Vegetable and Orzo dish. Consider subbing in Canewater arugula instead of kale. (Thanks to Courtney H. for this recipe suggestion and substitution idea!)
  • Farm fresh edamame are here! Sauté them with your choice of butter, garlic, salt, sesame oil, chili peppers, soy sauce, whatever you can think of!
  • Feature your Signal Mt corn in this Confetti Corn recipe.
  • We have hibiscus tea pods from the FH Garden!  Use them in a drink, as a sauce, in a dessert, or in a marinade. See how!


Featured Items from Local Farms


Rodgers Greens and Roots | Fresh Herbs, Okra, Hot Pepper Medley, Edamame, Heirloom Tomatoes
FH Garden | Muscadines, Stir Fry Mixed Greens, Hot Pepper Medley, Radishes, Hibiscus Tea Pods
Signal Mt. | Beefsteak Tomatoes, Cherry TomatoesCornSweet Pepper Medley
Fry Farm | Summer Squash Medley
Row by Rowe | Sunflower Shoots
Hickory Hill | Mixed Leaf Lettuce
Canewater | ArugulaRadishes