Why do organic farmers let land rest? What is cover cropping?

We talk often about how our farmers rest their land through cover cropping, but we recently dove into why and how. Learn Why Soil Needs as Much Rest as We Do

Hint: Water Consumption, Carbon Footprint, Natural Pesticides are just three reasons…

This Week’s Veggies

Dandelion Greens

  • Dandelion Greens are in baskets this week. Did you know you can sautée them, throw them in a salad, turn them into pesto, or use them in pasta? The possibilities are truly endless!
  • Vidalia Onions are eaten all over the world, but are grown only in Vidalia, Georgia! A slim few people can eat these “locally”, so get excited! They’re a bit sweeter than a typical yellow onion. Carmelize them and add them to just about any dish, or eat them for dessert!
  • Georgia Blackberries are here! Time to break out your rolling pin and make a blackberry cobbler, or just set them out to replace the candy jar.

Happy Memorial Day!

We hope you get to enjoy a long weekend. We will deliver according to our normal schedule next week.