How Our Customers Became Problem Solvers

Last Saturday, we partnered with OpenIDEO to brainstorm creative ways to solve one of our more interesting business challenges: how to keep all of our reusable bins in cycle, ensuring they get returned. While not your typical Saturday, it was a joyful sight to see a room full of motivated problem solvers tackling this issue!
Read some of their creative solutions.

Fresh Harvest OpenIdeo Design Jam

This Week’s Veggies

  • Get your 4th of July celebration on early with this Red, White and Blue potato medley from Canewater Farm!
  • We’re getting young cutting celery from Signal Mt. Farm. Also known as leaf celery, it is leafy without the big stalk of “regular” celery. It has a similar taste, but a bit more potent. Use it in soups, juices, smoothies, or salads!
  • Savoy Cabbage is coming from Rodger’s Greens and Roots. Savoy not only looks decorative, but has tender leaves that are great in soup or a stir-fry.
  • Dandelion Greens are here again from Signal Mt Farm. Sauté these nutrient-packed greens for a healthy spin on your regular veggie stir-fry.

New Potato Medley

A few featured farms and their produce items. Find more in the shop:

Rodger’s Greens and Roots | Savoy Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Wild Kale Mix, Spring Lettuce

Signal Mt. Farm | Young Cutting Celery, Spring Onions, Dandelion Greens, Mixed Beets

Canewater Farm | New Potato Medley

Fresh Harvest Garden | Sorrel