A Healthy Root

Sarah is a Fresh Harvest customer and recently posted this to her blog  A Healthy Root.  We thought y’all might enjoy reading from a fellow customer!

Throughout my time studying with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition I noticed many people supplementing their coaching income by selling products they believe in.  I have heard about and researched many companies who elicit the help of people to sell their products for rewards or money.  Many of the products look and sound great, but are missing something for me.  My entire goal as a health coach is to encourage better habits through education, planning and eating whole foods. Many of the products I have come across supplement eating to create health.  Products like these can be great temporary fixes while learning about foods, but I could never sign on to sell something that I only believe should be temporary.

Recently, I came across a company that I feel compelled to share!  Fresh Harvest, a local (when possible) organic grocery delivery service.  This is something I want to promote and get as many people as possible taking advantage of!  You choose a produce basket that suits your families needs, trade items that you don’t prefer, and add other grocery items.  You can’t beat getting all of your fruits,veggies,and other local organic food delivered right to your door or school. We set up a Co-op at Olivia’s school and are now getting 10% of each basket ordered back as a school fundraiser.  I’m happy to share how to get this started at your school!!

With busy lives we are always looking for ways to make things quicker.  As parents we want things to be quick and healthy.  I also want my girls to understand the process of where food comes from and be exposed to all fruits and vegetables.  Fresh Harvest is making all of this easier for our family.  Both girls are so excited when we get a new box.  They help me unload, often sample the goodies before I can get them in the refrigerator, and Olivia is always curious to know if what she is eating is “from Fresh Harvest”.