With Thanksgiving approaching, I wanted to share the story of a man who has made a signifiant impact on Fresh Harvest & Clarkston as a whole.

From the very beginning, we (FH) have wanted to highlight the depth & beauty woven throughout the local food movement.  Beyond delivering local, organic food, we hope to participate in a story larger than ourselves.  Helping families reconnect with nature, supporting farmers who truly care about the land beneath our feet, empowering & providing jobs for our refugee neighbors, and creating a genuine sense of community around food.

Two years ago, we were introduced to a bright, honorable soul–Hugh Spivey.  Even at 90 years old, he still had as much ambition and drive as the rest of us.  His 28-acre property in Clarkston has been family owned since the 1800’s, creating a hidden gem of serenity in the middle of a growing town.  After sharing our vision with Hugh, he generously offered up his property, once flourishing farmland, as the foundation for our dreams.


Over the past few years, we’ve had hundreds of customers out for community events (you may have met Mr. Hugh in his golf cart).  Hugh has seen his land slowly restored back to agricultural use and personally shared in the bounty.  We’ve seen his eyes light up as we hand him a freshly picked tomato; our hearts equally impacted by his joyful innocence.  To share life with one another, to restore land to its original design, to enjoy the fruits of our labor–this is “doing good”.

Just days ago, Hugh passed away.  Many of us have come alongside his family to share memories of his kindness & generosity.  As the garden continues to develop, we hope to honor his legacy–representing authentic hospitality, enduring hope, and a spirit of gratitude, just like Hugh.

Happy Thanksgiving