The feedback we’ve received so far about the new website shopping experience has been phenomenal and the transition was remarkably smooth. Your graciousness with some of the bumps in the road to improvement is so appreciated, and we are impressed with how quickly you have all adapted to this major change. Most importantly, our farmers and partners benefited from this smooth transition, ensuring their harvest this week has a place at the table in so many homes around metro Atlanta and Athens.

What’s next? 
There are even more website enhancements on the horizon that we can’t wait to bring to you in the next few months. Here are the four coming updates that we are most excited to roll out:
  1. Ability to search for items within the shop on mobile *note: you can currently search the shop on a laptop or desktop
  2. Filters on the shop which will allow you to view specific groups of items within categories. For example, you’ll be able to search all Sale items, Vegan options, Gluten Free, Made in Georgia, Dairy Free, etc.
  3. Notification preferences which will allow you to be alerted via text when your order is delivered
  4. Gift cards – we hope to make these available for you to easily give the gift of local food to friends and loved ones by the holidays!

We will continue to keep you informed as we implement these improvements in the coming days. Thank you so much for all your feedback, encouragement, grace, and support during this exciting process!