We recently sat down with Michael Wall, Director of Farmer Services at Georgia Organics.  His charge to you, the loyal FH customer?

“You are participating in a revolutionary food system that is separate and distinct from a larger one that has a lot of problems with it.  It is the beginning of our next, more long term, truly sustainable food system that has the potential to right a lot of wrongs in therms of environmental and economic disparity.”

Read the full conversation to hear Michael’s thoughts on Amazon/Whole Foods, the challenges local farmers face, and the imbalance of organic supply and demand in GA.

We’re grateful to have so many passionate folks like you who are voting with every basket to be a part of the solution!

This Weeks Veggies

Thomas from Signal Mountain Farm rests his land and cover crops it over the winter.  For his first week back in baskets, he’s harvesting Dandelion Greens, Broccoli Rabe, and Spinach.

Garlic Scapes (What the heck is that?) are in this week from Rise ‘N Shine Farm.  They have a short season, so enjoy them early!

Fry Farm kicks off Georgia’s zucchini season in this week’s vegetable baskets.