In November we hosted our first annual Fresh Harvest dinner at the garden.  Dinner started at 4:30.  The rain also started at 4:30.  My first thought was, “well…damn”.

When the rain let up, I chatted with one of our guests who had WAY better perspective than me.  She said, I’m new to FH, and was excited to come see your garden.  The rain gives me a better appreciation for farming and eating locally and seasonally.  Farming is so dependent on the elements and as a consumer, I should be more aware and appreciative of that.”

After thanking her for being amazing, I thought about what she said.  When I go out to eat, It’s usually about me being comfortable.  But that night wasn’t about individuals – it was a community of people who were running food out of the rain and pulling cars out of the mud.  A small but wonderful glimpse of people being more connected to each other and the land they stand on.

With a couple dry hours we hosted garden tours, dinner and drinks.  We talked about food and farming and heard wonderful stories of what led folks to that very moment in time – eating dinner at our garden in Clarkston.

In hindsight, the rain made for the perfect night…but that doesn’t mean we won’t build a pavilion soon 🙂