Americans represent 5% of the world’s population, but generate 30% of the world’s garbage.  Reusable packaging is one way our community of customers and growers are a part of the solution.

Each year around 100 billion plastic bags are used by Americans and conversely, a ton of paper recycled can save three cubic yards of landfill space.  Our response, therefore, is to have reusable packaging.  The bin, foil, and ice pack are washed and reused every week.  Even our farmers pick up their wax boxes and reuse those!  This is a key component of our service that dramatically reduces waste.


A company we respect and seek to emulate is Patagonia.  One of their core principles is repair and reuse.  They say, “As individual consumers, the single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use longer.”  Like Patagonia, we are seeking to create a culture of owners, not consumers.  Owners are empowered to take responsibility for their purchases.  Consumers take, make, dispose, and repeat.  The wash and reuse of our bins, foils, and icepacks is a radical act that asks extra of our customers.  Rather than simply throw away some packaging, you have to remember to leave it out on delivery day.  A seemingly small act but it’s multiplied hundreds of times over by customers throughout Atlanta every week who consider themselves owners, not just consumers.