We recently participated in a Creative Mornings Atlanta gathering.  We shared muscadines from our garden and the guest speaker was our friend Kitti Murray from Refuge Coffee!  The theme was Compassion: “Compassion is a pause button that reminds us of a fundamental truth:  we’re all stumbling and nobody has it figured out.”

“Local organic produce delivery” may not be the first service that comes to mind when thinking about compassion.  But we love being part of a larger story and the idea of compassionate eating – from supporting sustainable growing practices to fair wages for farmers – compassionate decisions made every day with our food dollars.  To tie it all together, the folks at CM Atl put together an awesome handout on Compassionate Eating

Refuge Coffee is our neighbor in Clarkston.  If anyone can speak to compassion it’s Kitti and the Refuge crew.  Kitti ended with this video of an Iftar dinner hosted by Refuge which beautifully portrays loving and caring for each other!